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misplaced-devotion asked:

hey there! how's it going? just found your blog and it's really good! hope you don't mind if i reblog a bunch of your pictures ;-) and out of curiosity, if the clitoral piercing was #15... where are the other 14? hehe. check out my blog if want and let me know what you think!

I have a 00g, 6g, and regular piercing in both my ears, two cartilage, my nipples, hood, belly button, snake bites, and my tongue.

for anyone interested in my amazon

anything purchased, will get personal photos with the item for the buyer c:
although if specified otherwise by buyer, I will post the photos. or you can just look if you’re curious in the things I like cx ^_^

at first I was having issues with the gifting address not being set up but I fixed it so I figured I’d put it back up. v_v

oh and I got a question earlier about whether or not videos qualify, and they do depending on the video requested and the item purchased.
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